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Writer, Reader, Editor...Blogger?

Like the back of a book cover, right? Or the inside flap - it seems to be there these days, with reviews that aren't actually very helpful on the back, unless you fan-girl over other authors and reviewers.

My name is Sarina, but I also go by Sai. I'm a writer, editor, and reader - the latter came first. 

Balancing the two former with a full-time job and life in general is tough, but I think reading is still important; in general, and to writers specifically. 

Each year I set myself a goal; sometimes it's as vague as the number of books I want to read. Sometimes it gets very detailed, down to the amount of pages or specific authors (both to read and to avoid). 

I have an ever-growing "to read" list and, at this point, a small home library that I try (and fail) to cull regularly.

The reviews found in this blog come directly from Goodreads, where I make an effort to track what I am reading/have read, and how I have felt about it. Sometimes I rave about a book; sometimes I review it just to talk about how much I disliked it.

Not every book that I read has a review. 

Not every book that I read has some crazy, heavy, underlying message or purpose (alternatively, some do).

Half of my "to read" list comes from book reviews that I come across. The other half comes from pure chance. 

Hopefully some of these reviews draw your interest to truly good books that you might not have otherwise considered. 

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