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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Read If: you love fairy tales with a twist, you love strong female leads, you want more representation in a book, you like adventures.

Things to love about this book immediately:

  1. Two Female Leads

  2. One is Jewish

I picked up Spinning Silver because of Naomi Novik's previous book, Uprooted. Both books were easy to sink into immediately, and get lost in Novik's worlds.

Spinning Silver revolves around two girls; one trying to re-build her family's reputation, and the other just trying to survive. It has subtle Rapunzel vibes, but Miryem is without a doubt a badass who "hardens her heart" (which isn't really true; she's just tired of taking everyone's shit). Unfortunately, her quick thinking and ability to turn money into more money draws the attention of a Fey king whose heart is just as icy as hers.

The story has so many plots and sub-plots that weave together beautifully. Novik has created another mystical world that is also rooted in our own, and although I would almost consider this a "light" read because I whipped through it in a few days and the language is so easy to sink into, the messages beneath are ones that all young women should be exposed to at some point.

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