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sarina bosco

editor, writer, and mediocre blooger reviewing books

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Cuyahoga | Pete Beatty

Read If: you're interested in American legend/myth, you enjoy unreliable narrators, you're curious about unconventional dialogue. I made...

Dragon Teeth | Michael Crichton

Read If: you liked Crichton's other books, you're into Westerns and/or paleontology, you're looking for an adventure, you love a good...

Washington Black | Esi Edugyan

Read If: you're interested in life from a slave's POV, but with some adventure, you love twists and turns, you're...

Melmoth | Sarah Perry

Read If: you like rainy day, doomsday vibes with a biblical kind of undertone. Here we go. The book I liked the least this year - the...

Of Women and Salt | Gabriela Garcia

Read If: you love family legacies, especially those of women; you have your own family issues. First of all, this cover could not get any...

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